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External Winter and Summer Programs

Lafayette Summer Programs

You can see a full list of May/summer programs offered by Lafayette here.

External Summer and Winter Interim Programs

Lafayette students who wish to participate in non-Lafayette summer or winter interim study abroad do so through an independent research and planning process. Students are free to choose any external program, that does not directly duplicate a Lafayette interim or summer program with enrollment capacity, provided they have a department head approve the program and sign off on the “Committee on Academic Progress Off Campus Study Authorization Summer/Interim/Miscellaneous” form, which can be obtained through the Registrar's office, prior to their application. If the program is not pre-approved by a department head, the credits may not be accepted by Lafayette. More information on course approval for external summer programs can be found on the Course Approval page.

For external programs, eligibility requirements remain the same as Lafayette-provided interim programs.

Students should follow the application deadlines and procedures of the specific program. Hardy copy approval forms should be taken to the Registrar's office for signatures. 

Finances/costs are paid directly to the program by the student. There is no Lafayette-based financial aid available for external summer and winter interim programs. Students should inquire with their specific program for program-offered financial aid opportunities. Students may also wish to browse the external scholarships laid out on the Financial Planning page.

Students are responsible for having all courses approved before applying to an external program. More information on course approval for external summer programs can be found on the Course Approval page and the Academics page.
Grades earned on non-Lafayette summer study abroad programs do not transfer and will not be factored into a Lafayette student’s GPA. Review Lafayette's policy regarding credit transfer for summer programs here.