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Changing Courses While Abroad

For information about getting your courses approved before you depart, please see the Course Approval page.

All students must turn in a Course Approval form before leaving campus. You are encouraged to get more courses approved than you actually plan to take abroad so that you have some flexibility in your course selection once off-campus.
If you are not able to take one or more of the courses you had approved before departure and plan to enroll in a course you did not previously get approved, you will need to have the course approved via e-mail. Due to factors such as time difference and varying access to e-mail, keep in mind that getting a course approved via e-mail may take several days. You can use the below guidelines for having a course approved while abroad.
If you are unsure what department a specific course might fall under, please contact the Registrar’s Office for guidance.
Send one e-mail per course to the following group:

  • Appropriate Department Head of the department that the course falls under (primary recipient of the e-mail)
  • Your Academic Advisor (cc'ed)
  • Registrar (cc’ed)
  • Office of International & Off-Campus Education (cc’ed)

In the e-mail provide the following information:

  • Brief information on who you are and with what program you are studying
  • Course title and description of the course you’d like to have approved
  • Course syllabus of the course you’d like to have approved
  • Any additional/relevant information regarding the course you'd like to have approved
  • A polite request to take the course and have it approved to transfer back to Lafayette College

Sample E-Mail
Dear Professor Doe,
I am a ________ major currently studying abroad with __________ program in ________ (country).
Unfortunately, some of the courses I originally had approved to transfer back to Lafayette are no longer available to me and so I am looking to obtain approval for other courses.
I am hoping to obtain approval for the course titled ____________ (course title). Please find a brief course description below and a full syllabus attached. Since I am away from campus, I will need an e-mail confirmation of approval. I request that you please respond to this e-mail (and all included recipients) with your approval decision.
(Course Description)
(Course Syllabus Attachment)
Thank you for your time. Best,
(Your Name)