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Additional Resources

The links below are additional resources available on our website that may interest both students and parents.

  • Financial Planning notes the costs involved with various types of off-campus study and the available financial aid.

  • Passport & Visas provides information for obtaining these important documents.

  • Health & Safety Insurance discusses the health and safety insurance plans available to students studying internationally.

  • Policies & Regulations notes the regulations, conduct and behavior expectations, etc. during a student’s time abroad.

  • Cultural Adjustment discusses possible culture shock and adjustment issues your student may face abroad.

  • Travel to High-Risk Destinations explains the procedure in the case that a student/group wishes to study abroad in a designated high-risk location.

  • Health & Safety provides important information and tips for student to prepare to be healthy and safe while away.

  • Money Matters provides information regarding budgeting and financial preparation before traveling internationally.