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Interim Off-Campus Programs

  • Interim sessions during which off-campus programs are offered are as follows:

    • January: Programs are offered during the winter term running for three-four weeks in January (or between December and January).

    • May/Summer: Programs are offered during the May session or later in the summer (consult the individual program brochures for exact dates).

  • Registration for both sessions is scheduled within the first 2 weeks of school in September and is done via Banner self-serve (like registration for any other course) starting at 7:30am on the scheduled date.

  • Information about interim programs for the following academic year is typically posted on this website around mid-June (only the list of programs, no program cost yet, is available at that time). Individual program brochures will be updated throughout the summer as new information becomes available. Program costs, complete itineraries, and final course syllabi will be posted by mid-August, and this information will also be emailed to all students in mid-August.

  • All interim courses are credit-bearing. Most interim courses are coded in the course catalog as fulfilling some requirements (e.g., Common Course of Study requirements such as GM1, GM2, LANG, SS, H, NS, etc.; and/or interdisciplinary program requirements such as Asian Studies, Classical Civilizations, etc.). That information can be found on the Banner catalog, or on the program brochures displayed on this site. Should there be any discrepancy between the official Banner Catalog and a program brochure, please contact the Registrar's Office and/or the Office of International and Off-campus Education for further information.

Following is the list of Off-Campus Interim courses that are planned for January and May/Summer Interim 2017. 

Important deadlines for ALL interim off-campus programs:
  • Online registration: Sept. 13, 2016 starting at 7:30am
  • Registration confirmation: Sept. 16, 2016 (by 4:00pm)
  • Withdrawal with no penalty: October 7, 2016 for January programs; November 13, 2016 for May/summer programs
January 2017 May/Summer 2017 Please note that programs may be subject to cancellation any time for force majeure reasons (including under-enrollment, unforeseeable natural or political crises in the host country, etc.).

For important step-by-step registration information, click on this PDF file. We advise that you carry this sheet with you the day of Banner registration.

Important Things to Know About Off-campus Interim Programs

1. What will it cost?
2. How do I register?
3. What if the interim course is closed?
4. Is it too late to withdraw?
5. Marquis Scholar Interim Award
6. Insurance
7. Is financial aid available?


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