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Application Process

Application and registration processes vary by program type. See below for detailed information. For information on how to use the Lafayette study abroad portal, click here.

Interim Programs Registration

For information on the registration process for Lafayette Interim Programs, click here.

Semester Faculty-Led Programs

For information on the application process and deadlines for Lafayette Semester Faculty-Led Programs, please see the specific program's brochure page. Semester Faculty-Led programs are typically listed near the bottom of the Featured Programs page.

Semester Affiliated Programs

Deadlines: The deadlines for submitting your application via this portal can be found on the program brochure pages These deadlines are Lafayette deadlines, regardless of the deadline set by the affiliated program through which you are applying.

Generally, applications to affiliated programs for the Spring semester are due October 1.  Applications to affiliated programs for the Fall semester are due March 1.  Petitions for temporary affiliation are due September 1 and February 1 for the Spring and Fall semesters respectively.


Pre-Application Process

  1. Attend one of the mandatory Study Abroad Get Started sessions, which are offered on a regular basis throughout the academic year (and almost daily during the weeks leading to a major deadline). You may not make an appointment to meet with an advisor prior to attending a Get Started Session. More information about Get Started Sessions can be found here.

  2. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your plans; make sure you know what requirements you must fulfill for both your major(s) and the Common Course of Study, and how you will arrange your courses at home and abroad to meet these requirements.

  3. Make an appointment with a study abroad advisor to discuss program options and ask questions. You may schedule your appointment on the Staff page. Click on the name of the advising staff member, click “request an appointment,” click “request an appointment” again, and select a date/time from the calendar that appears. Appointments are scheduled in 30-minute blocks.

  4. Once you have selected the program(s) which you intend to apply to, fill out the application forms via the brochure page of the program. You can search program brochure pages using the Program Search tool.

  5. For information on how to use the Lafayette study abroad application portal, visit the Using the Lafayette Study Abroad Application Portal page.

What to Gather in Order to Apply

  • Many programs require letters of recommendation from faculty members. Be sure to request these letters at least two weeks in advance. It is also helpful to provide them with a list of the courses you have taken with them and a representative sample of your work, such as a final paper.

  • All programs require to see your official Lafayette transcripts. Transcripts are obtainable either directly from the Registrar’s Office in Markle Hall to be mailed or e-mail by the Registrar directly to the host institution or they can be requested via Banner Self-Service and sent to the program of your choice via certified email. Note there is a small fee for requesting transcripts. This fee is the responsibility of the student.

  • As part of your application with an affiliated program, be prepared to pay an application fee. Fees may vary from program to program and are the responsibility of the student.

  • Most applications will ask you to verify that you have a valid passport. If you already have a passport, make sure it is valid for at least six months after the end date of your abroad program. If you need to apply for or renew your passport, do so immediately. Click here for further information about apply for or renewing a US passport.

Upon Acceptance

  • Pay the required deposit (usually ranging from $300–$600, or more if intensive international travel is involved) directly to the program, and report that information on the relevant portal questionnaire. The charge will subsequently be deducted from your Lafayette College semester bill. For more information regarding financial questions, see the Financial Planning page.

  • Everyone going abroad will have to sign a Waiver of Responsibility (available on the Lafayette study abroad application portal) and submit a Course Approval Form. Click here for more information on the course approval process.

  • The program provider or host institution will inform you of the procedure for obtaining a student visa, if required; this process may be complicated and time-consuming. Be aware that U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens may have different entry requirements.

  • If the program requires you to make your own travel arrangements, do so with as much lead time as possible to get the lowest fares.